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Say 'I Do' to the Future: Unveiling the Hottest Wedding Trends of 2024 for Your Dream Celebration!

Hello lovers,

As many of you know, last November I was at Wedding MBA 2023 convention and I'm super excited to share with you some super trendy and cool ideas given by the 2 gurus of the wedding industry.

Without further ado and less talking, here are six wedding 2024 trends for your future wedding and the most that I loved

#1 Theme, Style & Decor

Photo Credit: Amy Sims Photography, Tamara Gruner//Lola Productions.

When we talk about themed weddings, with style and decoration, we refer to those weddings that leave the common spaces to move to places that undoubtedly have a super special and sentimental connection with the couple. Spaces such as fun parks, art museums, history museums, summer camps, among others. We will also see for this coming year many trends in dresses ans suits with luxurious details and at the same time retro and kitschy styles. In the Wedding MBA Convention they called the Art of Theming, and guest what? I love it! 😍

#2 Mixing Prints in Decor

Photo Credit: BBJ La Tavola [Instagram(bbjlatavola)]

Above we have the trend of mixing prints. This trend for me is one of the ones I enjoy the most. The art of mixing patterns is something that allows it to serve as versatility in each of the weddings that may have the same colors but their styles are completely different and unique.

So to all my couple, if you like this trend you are already approved! 😊 From 1 to 10 I give this trend a 25! ✨

#3 Let's bring the forest in to Indoor Spaces

Photo Credit: Niki Marie Photography, Eventology.

Oh my God! The first time I saw this trend was in the Dominican Republic in May 2023 with one of the weddings of my colleagues and friend Riguel Helena, CEO of Eventology RD. The wedding was in a hotel in Santo Domingo and literally from the moment I walked in I felt like the only thing I had indoors was air conditioning.

This trend gives an incredible energy to nature and above all is a good alternative for all of us who live and perform weddings in the Caribbean. Because you know that there a few months that the heat is real! 🔥

#4 Say hello to Tiny Bouquets

Photo Credit: Karen Hill Photography | Liz McDaniel’s Wedding in New York City by. Alexandra Macon

Another 2024 wedding trend is the tiny bouquets, this was trendy at one time and is now back. An alternative for those who don't want to have big and outrageous bouquet and maybe just look for a garment to accessorize them. This trend also bring super cool alternatives for the bridal party as in the images below.

Photo Credit: Caroline's Collective

But it's not all about the brides, the 2024 trend for the groom bottoniers is fascinating. The alternative is to use on the left side (most of the time) of his suit all the outside stripe lined with floral recipe. Groom's please say yes to this trend!

Photo Credit: Nashville Wedding Photo + Film//Curry & Co Events, Marcela Plosker Photography & Gillian Menzie Photography

#5 Lambeth Cakes

Photo Credit: Mandee Johnson Photography, Beebop Sweet Shop

Those who love buttercream will definitly adore this trend. It is coming back to life at weddings again. We will see more cakes covered with lots of delicious frosting with a more retro look.

#6 Thematic Entertainment + Servers

Photo Credit:Hunter Ryan Photo + Carry Darlyng Events, Kristen Marie Parker, Abby Jiu Photography

As part of the themed weddings, you will also include all the elements that go along with that theme, regarrdeless of wehter you are having your wedding. Entertainment will be incorporated according to the venue to create memorable experiences for both, the couple and their guests.

So lovers, last but not least. These trends don't dictate what you have to do, but instead, they give you an idea to include in your choices. I always tell all my couples, your wedding is what you are all about and not all trends are necessarily for you.

Now, my most sincere advice is that whatever you do, do it guaranteeing the enjoyment of you and your guests.

With Love,

Erimar Benitez

Founder & Head Planner

Briella Wedding & Event Planners LLC.

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